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14 April 2014
We are closed over the Easter holiday. The sessions on 18 April and 20 April will not take place. The Wednesday session on the 23 April will take place as normal.

Remember our new Sunday times start on the 27 April

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14 April  2014
Find out all about our club gala to be held on 18 May 2014. You can also download an application form as well

Gala details
Application form


6 April 2014
Please follow the link below for details of the sprint night timings.

Sprint night timings

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6 April  2014
Change of Sunday club session times
From 27 April Sunday club session times will be as follows:

  • 1st session (widths) 3.00pm to  3.30pm
  • 2nd session (lengths) 3.30pm to 5.00pm

we have been approached by the council and asked to consider moving our sessions back by 2 hours.. These new times are more in line with the times we originally asked for last year. We have always thought that the later start time would suit more of our members and have such have accepted these times after they were discussed and accepted by our committee.

We apologise for the change but do feel that this is best for the club. Hopefully the change in time will mean that more children, who found the earlier session times difficult will be able to attend.


1 April 2014
If you were presented with a trophy at the last presentation night can you please bring them back. We need all the trophies back by the end of April so that we have time to have then cleaned and refurbished. Please pass your trophies to Karen Rockwood.

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1 April  2014
Important dates for your diary.

The annual club gala will be held on Sunday 18 May between 13.00 and 17.00hrs. 

Presentation night will be Saturday 7 June in Hollies Hall.

More details to follow.


8 March 2014
Please follow the link below for the results of last Sundays M&D gala

Gala results

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8 March 2014
Please follow the links below for information and forms for our sponsored badge night

Badge night information
Badge night form
Sponsor form


2 March 2014
Bridgefield Swimming Club Sprint Night.

We are arranging a sprint night for all intermediate and advances swimmers.

The aim of the event is to obtain up to date times for all swimmers so that they can set themselves improvement targets as well as providing valuable information for coaches involved in gala team selection.

Sprint night will take place during the intermediate and advanced sessions on Friday 28 March.

Entry sheets will be available from the desk. Closing date is 23 Match.

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24 February 2014
Please follow the links below for entry details for what is hoped will be the first of many open galas to be held by Prescot SC and Everton SA at the Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park.

The facility has ample free parking, seating for 314 spectators
and Daktronics timing and display boards.

This licensed level 3 sprint meet will be held on Saturday 17th May

Please contact Simon Deeley at Prescot Swimming Club if you require any further information.
Knowsley sprint gala entry form



2 February  2014
we are closed on Sunday 2nd March 2014. We apologise for the short notice.

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15 December 2013
There are changes to our session times on 20 and 22 December.

22 December we are now closed

20 December (Friday) will now be our fun/splash night.
Width swimmers should arrive for their normal time, the session will now be 18.00 - 19.00
All length swimmers should arrive at 19.00, the session will last 19.00 - 20.30.

Please remember that we start back on Friday 10 January at the new times.

2 December 2013
Important information about our session times

These changes come into effect in the New Year

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image of an exclamation mark

25 November 2013
Follow the link for our online petition.

Please sign.

Your signature will make a difference

Online petition


24 November 2013
As you may already know Knowsley Council has revised the opening hours of its leisure centres.

It looks like Halewood has been the worst hit and this will have an obvious effect on how the club operates.

The club have been running Friday and Sunday sessions since it opened in 1982 and currently has approximately 200 members who swim at different levels and represent the club competitively.

The club has not been formally notified of the decision made by the council and only discovered the news after one of our parents informed us that she had seen it on the council’s website.

The changes take effect from 2 December but following a meeting between the leisure centre management and the club’s chairperson we have been allowed to keep our current session times until Christmas.
What happens after that will become clearer over then next few weeks including the logistics of how we get access/exit the centre from 2/12/13 as the club will be the only group using the centre at those times.

The club’s committee will be meeting to discuss these matters on Tuesday.

In the meantime, we ask that you contact the following people and let them know your concerns as to how this will affect our club, the fact that the club has been in existence for more that 30 years, (both here and previously at the site of the former Bridgefield Comprehensive school on Cartbridge lane), provides a great way for local children/young adults to keep fit and flies in the face of the ‘Olympic Legacy’ and all that was supposed to mean for Great Britain’s hoped for the future.

Andrew McCormack – Knowsley Council Director of Community and Leisure. His email address is
Councillor Eddie Connor - Cabinet Minister on Knowsley Council who chairs the Leisure, Communities and Culture committee. His email address is

We have already written to the Secretary of State for sport, (Maria Miller) and have also written to the Liverpool Echo, please feel free to do the same.

Watch our Facebook site (Bridgefield Swimming club) and this website for an online petition and more information as it becomes available.

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17 November 2013
Follow the link for details of our annual Christmas party

Christmas party


7 November 2013
Please note revised warm up start time for Saturday's gala. The warm up will now start at 14.45



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image of a noticeboard

3 November 2013
Please follow the link below for the team sheet for our next gala on 10 November 2013

Team Sheet


21 October  2013
Membership renewal will take place on 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th of November for all swimmers of Bridgefield Swimming club.

Membership fees are:

  • £20 for standard club swimmers (category 1), £15 for subsequent children
  • £35 for the higher level open competitive swimmer (category 3), £30 for subsequent children
  • £10 non swimming membership

The fees cover your registration with the ASA (our governing body) and includes insurance cover that all swimmers within private swimming clubs must have.

Regrettably our membership charges have increased slightly this year because of ASA and regional membership increases.

Please note that if membership is not renewed by the end of December the club may choose to exclude the swimmer unless specific circumstances are discussed with the club management.

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16 October 2013
Two members of Bridgefield Swimming Club, Callum Graham and Harry Pope have been selected and accepted invitations to compete for Liverpool & District in the Inter Association competition on the weekend of 30 November/1December in Blackpool.

We wish them both success in the competition.


16 October  2013
Please follow the links below for details of the Art of Butterfly which is being delivered by double Olympic medallist Nick Gillingham MBE at St. Peters Leisure Centre, Burnley on Sunday 24th November 2013.

The art of butterfly
booking form

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6 October 2013
Please follow the link below for all information on the DSE Open Short Course Championships. The closing date is the 18th October 2013.
National Open Short Course Disability Swimming Championships 2013


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